Sports Fishing

Sport Fishing:

Puerto Vallarta is arguably one of the most beautiful and exquisite places in the world. If you are a sport’s fishing aficionado or just want to try something new and exciting Puerto Vallarta Sailing and Sport fishing is just what you are looking for. Puerto Vallarta has many fishing areas: The Bay, Morro, El Faro, Cortobena, El Banco, Las Marias and many other places. These spots are home to some of the most extraordinary and exotic fish in the world and some of the most dazzling natural landscapes imaginable.

Depending on your needs, you can take short 4-6 hour trips in which you will have the chance to catch yellowtail, bonita, snapper and the Spanish mackerel among others. For those adventurous souls there are also longer 12 hour and overnight trips available where you will have the chance to catch marlin, tuna, sailfish and dorados, just to name a few. The best months to fish are from June to October. But worry not, due to the favorable climate Sport Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is available practically year round. We also have fishing tournaments with cash prizes that attract the best of the best in world-class fishing. Come enjoy great fishing with breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean. There are many charter boats with skilled Captains and crew to take you out for the best day of your life and I would be very happy to recommend a good match for whatever type of fishing you prefer.